Friday, June 02, 2006

Veggie falterings

My vegetarian resolve has taken a bit of a battering recently - from my own citta - mindstream - I freely confess.

So I reviewed a restaurant recently, and there was I think possibly one veggie thing on the menu. (I had some of the others, though kept myself to fish.) At the same time, the chef is definitely leaning in an Asian direction, and I think this can only be good for the vegetarian future of French cooking.

Meanwhile, in the halls of another top Paris chef, what promises to be very worth watching in the blogosphere:
Ms Glaze's culinary adventures in Paris

I'm about to add her to my favourites.


Anonymous Bernard Brown said...

I've gotten a kick out of reading about your struggles with eating vegetarian. We've been working on a site that you might find interesting given your own vegetarian process, the PB&J Campaign ( The PB&J Campaign is about approaching environmental change and animal welfare one meal at a time.

Bernard Brown

8:17 AM  

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