Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Spring rolls are in the air

Tralalala spring very definitely was here, and has momentarily gone again. Warming food is on the agenda - tonight raclette, that melty French / Swiss number oozing out over the potatoes. Irene had ham and I stuck to the broccoli. No caving yet!

However, I should mention I did FLAKE a couple of things (see previous posts) - namely cooking in the left over fat that I had done some bacon for Irene in. I'm not at the stage I remember, from being veggie before, where you get revolted by such things. I did promise not to let dead flesh pass my lips, so probably blood and guts should be included in that commitment.

I do believe the food you eat gets more interesting when you make a conscious effort to cut things out. My main experience is with meat, but probably that holds good for other things - like caffeine maybe?


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